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A shift to Substack

And some programming changes

A shift to Substack

You might have noticed things look a little different around here.

After a few months of cobbling together a few services to get the newsletter experience I wanted to provide, I've decided to make the shift from my duct-tape-and-bubblegum setup to Substack. Substack is much better suited for newsletters, and should hopefully make for a better reader experience as well as a simpler setup on my end.

More exciting than what's under the hood, though, are the changes that will be coming regarding the newsletter format! You can look forward to:

  • Weekly (!) updates on the crypto news and developments, including the overview of that week's Web3 is Going Just Great posts
  • Regular deep-dives into various developments in the space. I'll be starting with a deep dive into the Tornado Cash sanctions and developments since then, followed by a plunge into the news that more than 51% of blocks validated on the Ethereum chain are censored to comply with these sanctions.
  • Explainers to help demystify some of the esoteric parts of crypto. What's an L2? What is this zero-knowledge stuff?

Additional, occasional updates on the research work that I'm doing more broadly

As with the previous newsletter setup, all content will be available to readers for free. No paywalls here. If you were already receiving the newsletter, you will continue to receive it, so there's no action needed there. If you were previously a paid Patron, you will receive a free month trial subscription to this newsletter.

If you would like to financially support my work, I would be so grateful if you sign up as a paid subscriber. While there is no shortage of deep-pocketed crypto firms subsidizing crypto-friendly publications and lobbyists, for some truly baffling reason they're not so keen on those of us with a more skeptical outlook. It is support from people like you who enable me to continue doing my research and writing.

If you were previously a paid Patron and want to continue to chip in financially, you will need to make sure to sign up for a paid subscription to this Substack. There is no way for me to automatically move paid support from Patreon to Substack (nor would I want to bait-and-switch people without their consent) so it does require some action from you.

You won't need to pick one of many tiers like on Patreon—you can subscribe for $5/month (or a discounted $50/year). If you want to chip in even more, there is also a "founding member" plan where you can choose your level of support.

Paid subscribers will now have the opportunity to comment on posts, and there will be future opportunities for you as well. If you want to request a deep dive into a particular topic, consider signing up for the paid subscription!

If I can ask one more favor of you: please share this newsletter far and wide. I am hoping to provide a high-quality, accessible resource to all: no-coiners and crypto lovers alike, as well as those who are still learning and forming an opinion. Sharing this will help me achieve that goal.

It's thanks to you that I've already been able to do things like travel to the Bloomberg offices in New York City to record an upcoming segment on one of their shows!

Photo of Molly standing in an office building. She's wearing a white and navy striped shirt, a black blazer, and jeans. Behind her is a large staircase with the text "Bloomberg Portfolio Research New York 2022" printed on the risers.
Here's a photo of me in the Bloomberg office earlier this month, alongside a co-panelist that I've cropped out to keep the surprise intact 😁

Future issues will continue to include links to the work I'm doing elsewhere, including the segment mentioned above, so sign up now if you're curious for those updates!

I'm really excited to continue this project, and I am so grateful for the support you've already given in making it possible.


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