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Keep up with the happenings in the tech world without all the boosterism. Cryptocurrency critic, technology researcher, and software engineer Molly White publishes Citation Needed, a newsletter that features regular explainers of developments in the cryptocurrency industry, with summaries of the latest disasters featured on her well-known project Web3 is Going Just Great. The newsletter also features deep dives into important events in the technology industry, with added critical context that is too often missing.

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Who is Molly?

A photograph of Molly White sitting at a table in a video studio. She's       a white woman with long brown hair that's shaved on one side, she has brown eyes, and she's wearing a black and       white striped shirt and black blazer. There is a colorful cartoon background behind her. She's smiling and looking at someone out of frame.

Molly White is a researcher, software engineer, and prominent critic of cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based projects. She is best known for her website Web3 is Going Just Great, which documents only some of the many disasters in the cryptocurrency and web3 industries.

Casey Newton, The Verge.

White's dryly funny, almost clinical write-ups of crypto crises make it accessible even to open-minded skeptics like myself.

John Naughton, The Guardian.

Molly White [is] a remarkable young woman who is the sanest critic of the crypto frenzy. By day, she’s a software developer and a dedicated editor of Wikipedia… In her spare time, she’s become the sharpest critic of crypto boosterism on the web.

Gerrit De Vynck, The Washington Post.

Years spent online researching esoteric Internet cultures have made White a rare figure who can maneuver the technically complex, meme-filled world of crypto, translating it into digestible prose.

Mike Masnick, TechDirt.

Molly White [is] one of the best critics of tech-boosterism...

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Besides brief quotations or interviews (which are clearly marked), all writing in this newsletter is by Molly White. She does not use AI tools to generate the writing or images in the newsletter (except when writing about AI and including examples of its output, which is clearly marked).

Please read Molly’s disclosures for her writing about cryptocurrency.