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New York Times: Crypto's fragile foundations

My article in the New York Times describes the common practice throughout the cryptocurrency industry that can lead to death spirals like the one at FTX.

New York Times: Crypto's fragile foundations

I published an article (archive) this morning in the New York Times that describes how FTX used the FTT token it had created to lay the foundation of its balance sheet and take out large loans. When people learned in November 2022 the extent to which FTX and its sibling firm, Alameda Research, relied on FTT, it contributed to a panic that threw FTX into a death spiral:

A cycle showing "confidence in FTX falls" leads to "people sell their FTT" leads to "FTT price goes down" leads to "confidence in FTX falls" and so on

However, cryptocurrency companies regularly mint their own tokens, even though the common practice can introduce massive, undisclosed fragility if used in this way. We've already seen it go terribly wrong with FTX and with Celsius. Who will be next?

Screenshot of the New York Times: Opinion Guest Essay Sam Bankman-Fried and the Achilles' Heel of Crypto Nov. 8 2023, 5:02 a.m. ET By Molly White Ms. White is a cryptocurrency researcher and critic and the creator of Web3 is Going Just Great
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