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Video report: Sam Bankman-Fried began his testimony

If you're dying to hear about today's events at the FTX trial, here's a livestream to hold you over until I can write!

Video report: Sam Bankman-Fried began his testimony

If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter.

I will be writing up today's events in the courthouse, but for those of you who can't wait, here's what turned into a very long livestream recapping the entire day's events (split into two parts thanks to a camera SNAFU).

Today featured the last witness from the prosecution, an FBI agent who testified about Signal chats and auto-deletion policies. Then came two witnesses from the defense: an attorney who represented Bankman-Fried personally in his interactions with Bahamian securities regulators, and a witness retained by the defense to analyze FTX's databases to reach conclusions about Alameda Research's funds (or lack thereof).

Then came the main event: Sam Bankman-Fried began his testimony. Because of a dispute over the admissibility of some of the planned testimony, he testified today without the jury present, and the judge will determine which — if any — of those topics can be covered tomorrow during the real thing (should he still decide to take the stand, and I am only more convinced that that's a terrible idea).

Despite the fact that this was more of a dress rehearsal than the main event, his testimony still offered a lot of insight until what tomorrow might look like.

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